Sunday, December 23, 2012

A White Christmas for BCA

Last week, students and staff at BCA wrapped up 2012 with a beautiful and fun Christmas program, with the entire elementary performing The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, directed by Mrs. Amy Duncan, and the high school choir, directed by Miss Johanna Fessel, performing Christmas songs during intermission.

The ribbons and bows on the package were:  a joint choir production with a local Romanian Christian school...

...the staff Christmas party...

...senior Christmas-grams, and the all-school Christmas chapel on Friday.  The secondary students even delivered gift baskets to our new neighbors (in the snow!).

Friday, November 30, 2012

BCA Basketball Highlights From AISB

BCA Basketball team is off to a great 2-0 start under the direction of Coach Kooiman!  They played at AISB Bucharest on Nov. 26, 2012 and showed great defense, team work and heart as they won 52-21!!  Great job guys!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

BCA Opens New Building

Thanksgiving week was a most appropriate time for BCA to begin classes in our newly completed, very own building.  We are truly thankful!  The Lord has done amazing and wonderful things -- including using YOU to pray and give and share our cause with others.

Below is a link to a video that recaps our Opening Day ribbon-cutting and celebration.  We hope your heart swells with joy as ours does when we remember the incredible journey the Lord has brought us through to this point, and the good things we know He still has in store for BCA.

Enjoy the video, and please share it with your friends!

BCA Opens New Building

A short history of BCA in pictures

Saturday, November 10, 2012

BCA Gets a Move On

The Big Move has officially begun!  Now that our new building is complete, this week BCA staff and volunteers packed and began moving the school out of our rented building and into the school's first building of its own.

Next week, November 12-16, classes have been canceled and students are working on assignments at home while the move is completed.  We are looking forward to a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the first day of classes in the new building:  Monday, November 19.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed, given, believed, worked, and persevered.  We serve a faithful God!

Harvest Party 2012

The Harvest Party is a fall tradition at BCA.  Last month, the senior class and other secondary student volunteers again sponsored this after-school frenzy of games for elementary students and dinner for the BCA community.

Face Painting

Apple Toss

Sugar Cookie Decorating

Fishing for Prizes

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Closer to Moving!!!

As fall comes to Bucuresti we are getting ever closer to moving into our new building!!  We have not set a moving date yet, we will keep you updated!

The entrance from the main street to the new building!
 View from the backside

 More of the backside

Inside painting is done & flooring down!

 New Activity room (NO POLE!!!)

 Landscaping in the front
Front view of the new home of BCA!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

BCA Secondary Retreat 2012

In mid-September the secondary students of BCA had a retreat in Bran with guest speakers Debbie and Ken Cunningham.  Debbie shared from the 7 "I am" Statements in John encouraging us in our relationships with Jesus and to grow more deeply in Him,

A video slide show of the retreat

Here are some things the students learned on the retreat:

--Nothing will happen in my life that God doesn't already know about
--I need to stop thinking about what I want and who I want to be, and be who God wants me to be
--I learned the importance of a devotional life and different ways to give glory to God
--That Jesus is the Bred of Life and just like we need bread to eat every day, we need God just as much
--I cannot do anything on my own
--Everything that happens will work out for a good purpose
--I saw I was longing for man's approval and not God's approval
--I learned that Jesus is in my life, and He is the only source of salvation
--The same power that rose Jesus from the dead, lives in me
--I need to make a difference in others' lives because of how God has blessed me though a knowledge of Himself. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Building Update!

Despite the hot temperatures progress is still being made on the BCA building!!

Lots of dry wall going up and class rooms and hall ways are starting to take shape!   

 The Activity room!!  (the best part is no pole in the middle of the room!!!!!!!!!)

 Bathrooms starting to take shape!!

 There will be over 4 Kilometers of internet cable going into the new school!

 Electrical cables are being put in place!

Praise the Lord that the building has been moving along this well!

We are looking forward to moving in this fall!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Congratulations Class of 2012

Congratulations to the BCA class of 2012!!!
Way to go Abby, Cameron, Maria, Ji Eun, Daniela, Rebekah, Samuel & Joel!!!!!!!!! (left to right)

 The first class from BCA to have all graduates with a GPA over 3.5!!  Congratulations!!

 Cameron receives an Air Force ROTC scholarship!
 Cameron delivers the Salutatorian address!
 Daniela delivers the Valedictorian address!

 Abby, Samuel, Rebekah and Miss Schroeder, their first grade teacher!


Friday, June 1, 2012

BCA Year in Review with Yearbook Presentation!

The BCA year in Review done when the year book was presented!

BCA Basketball Highlights!

See highlights from the BCA Boys Basketball season 2011-2012!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Inside Pictures

Here are the latest pictures of progress on the inside of the new building!  Things are moving along.  Pray that there we could get a lot done on the inside of the building this summer!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Senior Chapel 2012

On May 9, 2012 the BCA Class of 2012 had their senior chapel.  Each graduating senior was invited to come and share for a few minutes on what BCA has meant to them and any challenge or advice for their fellow students.  Enjoy the following testimonies of God's grace and challenges to follow after Jesus!

 Cameron Smith will be attending Biola University,
in CA.

 Marie Kim will be returning to Korea for university.

 Abby Mitchell will be attending Taylor University in IN.

Rebekah York will be attending Eastern Mennonite University in VA.

 Ji Eun Lee will be returning to Korea for university

Samuel Park will return to Korea for university.

Daniela Popa will be attending Oral Roberts University in OK.

Joel Cox will be attending Gordon College in MA.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pie In The Face

Each year the senior class raises money for their trip by having students vote with money for who should get a wipped cream pie in the face.  Here are two films from this years contest

2nd place pie:  Samuel Park

1st place pie:  Rebekah York

Thursday, April 19, 2012

11th & 12th Grade English

The 11th and 12th grade English class have been reading Shakespeare and now put their acting abilities together to perform scenes from Macbeth.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elementary Dance

The BCA Kindergarten - 2nd grade have been practicing dances and performed them a few weeks ago.  Sit back and enjoy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Building Progress!

Lots of progress on the building with steps and a fire escape up and ready to use.  We are praying for the building to be completed this summer, and that we would receive the occupancy permits by this fall.  Please pray with us for these things! It is exciting to see all the progress!

The snow is long gone and work is proceeding again!