Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seussical Jr. is coming to BCA!!!

This spring the students at BCA will be presenting their first ever musical, Seussical Jr., based on characters created by Dr. Seuss. The students have begun memorizing their lines, rehearsing, practicing and singing! Mark your calendars now for the show on Saturday, April 24!!

Horton, Jon Cox and Gertrude, Daniela Popa sing.

The Wickersham brothers threaten to boil the clover!

Mr. Eisenberg helps the Whos rehearse one of their songs.

Mrs. Staab and Mrs. Kooiman as well as the students are giving many hours to practicing and working together to make this a great show!!

High School Winter Banquet (Feb. 2010)

18 BCA High-School students gathered at a Korean Restaurant, Dami, for some excellent Korean food and a fun time of playing games and being together!!

Samuel gives lessons on using chop sticks as the first round of food arrives!

The students caught on fast!

Middle School Snow Ball (Feb. 2010)

20 Middle-Schoolers (6th-8th) gathered in the BCA activity room for an evening of games, fun and great food.

The menu included salad, schnitzel, bread, mashed potatoes and ice cream. The meal was prepared by Mrs. Mather, Mrs. Kay & Mrs. Brown and members of student council served as waiters and waitresses!