Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christ in the Old Testament

This year in the Secondary Chapels we studied Christ in the OT.  Here is a great summary that was found on the web, it is part of a sermon from Tim Keller. 

Here are some responses of students to the chapel theme this year:
  • I learned that Jesus was shown a lot in the Old Testament, which I had not realized before.
  • I never realized how much the Old Testament points to Jesus.
  • I learned that the Bible is true
  • I learned how everything was planned from the beginning, and how Jesus was with the people.
  • How God had a detailed plan to save his people and began to reveal it in the Old Testament.
  • I loved looking at Bible stories I was so used to, with different eyes.
  • Jesus is everywhere!
  • I learned that when Moses struck the rock, the rock represented Jesus.
  • Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb!
  • I learned you reap what you sow!
 We are thankful for all the ways the Lord has worked in the lives of the students this year!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The BCA Basketball Team The Street Dogs!

This spring we have resurrected the BCA basketball team, which we hope will play games next season!  Coach Clint Quarles led the team in practices each week.  The boys are looking forward to a big season next year!!

 Practicing a new defense

Thursday, May 5, 2011

BCA's Spring Production: Alice in Wonderland!

Great job to the BCA Music and Drama class with the Alice in Wonderland production!  You all did a SUPER JOB!!  Special thanks to Heather Kooiman, Cami Mather & Emily Smith for ALL your help and direction with the play!!!

Alice and the cast!

The ThreeStorytellers

The Tea Party!

The Queen of Hearts & Alice