Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elementary Thanksgiving Program

On November 21, 2008 the BCA Elementary students presented a Thanksgiving program.

Mikie reads about what she is THANKFUL for in Romania

The Second and Third Graders sing about their reasons to be thankful.

Marco sings Jehovah Jireh, accompanied on guitar by his teacher, Mrs. Perkins

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5th and 6th Grade Science

Recently the 5th and 6th graders covered a science unit on solar energy - its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the unit, the class read a piece of Native American folklore that expressed their thoughts on how the dark side of the earth got its light. The students were given an assignment to create their own stories of how the earth got light or how the sun came to be or something similar. Three students worked together to create the final product, complete with a few illustrations. The efforts of the 4 groups are shown and make quite interesting reading. Enjoy!

The Finding of the Frozen Sun

One cold day in Antarctica the sun, lonesome and lost, was floating in the sea, frozen. The penguins, polar bears, and seals had lasted without the sun for about a month. With little strength left they devised a plan to get the sun back in the sky. Their plan was for the penguins to fly up and rip off some cotton from the clouds to make ropes and pulleys. But since the penguins didn’t have much strength left they didn’t know if it would work. But they still had to find the sun before they tried. So the next day they went looking for the sun. After four or five hours they found the sun, at last, exactly 3,672 miles away from the island they lived on! They carried the sun on the polar bears back because it was a little frozen and not hot. When they got back to camp the penguins flew up and ripped the cotton off the clouds. When they had got back down the seals made ropes and pulleys and placed the sun back up in the sky! But the clouds were very angry at the penguins, so they cursed them to never be able to fly again and that is why penguins don’t fly today. Even though they were all very happy there was still one more problem, the sun was still a little bit frozen! They were never able to completely defrost it and so from that day on Antarctica has been a very cold place.

The Beat Box Sun

In the year 2142 the Beat-Box Major had disappeared from the face of the Earth. This man could beat-box living things into existence. For all that don’t know the Beat-Box; the Beat-Box Major was respected highly among The Beat-Box Fan Club. Speaking The
Beat-Box Fan Club, otherwise known as The Beaty-Boxiers, all three of them were in a sauna known as the “SOLAR SAUNA.” Their names were Commander Dobby, the leader, and Anks and Yokes, his side-kicks. They were enjoying themselves, and beat-boxing to their hearts content when suddenly the Holographic Television, the H.T.V, came on. “THE SUN HAS D-D-IS-SA-APEA-E-E-D!!” The reporter froze right in front of them all. The H.T.V flashed off.
All of the Beaty-Boxiers looked out their windows. It was true. It was a lot darker outside and everything was freezing.
“Lucky to be in here,” said Commander Dobby.

“Yup,” replied Anks.
“Yup,” replied Yokes.

Commander Dobby looked around. Suddenly he came up with an idea. They could create Robotic Saunas to strap around them. That way they could walk outside and be warm. So they Beaty-Boxiers set to work…until they forgot that that would be breathing in the same air, over and over again. So they made little masks attached to the front of the Robotic Saunas to help breathing in other air.
“Now, these will run smoothly,” said Commander Dobby.
“Yep,” said Anks.

“Yep,” said Yokes.
But they were faced with another problem. How would the Robotic Saunas work? So Commander Dobby sat down and thought.
“Eureka!” he shouted. He set to work immediately. The way the Robotic Saunas would work, is the Beat-Box Fan Club would have to beat-box to charge it u
So after the Robotic Saunas were made the Beaty-Boxiers stepped into them the walked outside and started beat-boxing.

“B T K K K K T KKKK B B B TTT (Wind Tactic),” beat-boxed Commander Dobby. This beat-boxing was enough to charge a Robotic Sauna for one hour. Soon Anks and Yokes were beat-boxing as well. Suddenly they saw weird creatures walking toward them. They had four nostrils and long snaky tongues. They were aliens. The Beaty-Boxiers ran into the sauna and locked the door.
Commander Dobby quickly started making another
invention. It was the BeatGun. Commander Dobby had studied at the College of Inventing so he knew a lot. All you had to do was beat-box into a little microphone on the BeatGun and it would shoot out bullets. The Beaty-Boxiers carefully stepped outside and started beat-boxing crazily. Bullets were everywhere and soon the Aliens were gone. But one huge alien remained. It started beat-boxing through his nose! But the Beaty-Boxiers started beat-boxing and soon the alien was dead. They panted heavily. Then there was an earthquake. The Earth started shaking and in the midst of the Beaty-Boxier’s yells a low beat was heard. After that a low wind tactic saying, “Come… Down… Low… Below…the…Earth…I…am…The…Beat-Box…Major!” Commander Dobby stood staring. A hole opened up revealing a staircase. The Beat-Box Fan Club started down the staircase.
What happens next no one really knows but legend has it that the Beaty-Boxiers found The Beat Box Major and asked him to create a Sun. He said he couldn’t create something that big and powerful, but he could become the Sun. So he said, “I will try to make myself into a Sun.” So he did a complicated beat and became the Sun Soon the Ea
rth was back to normal…only thunder was now a wind tactic from the Sun. The wind was scratches and rain was the B beat really fast causing a lot of spit. The lightning was the T beat. But hey it was still the Sun.

The Sun Goes on Vacation

The Fight Over the Sun